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A Family, Couples, & Individual Mental Health Practice


Thirty years of therapy experience provides a wide lens perspective to problems. Clients and I quickly assess complex problems, confidently  implement proven strategies, and assess progress as we go.

Additional Services: 

  • Adoption / foster care 
  • Court ordered DWI assessments
  • Public speaking / training

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Treatment Focus


Within a professional, safe and confidential setting, healing and growth occurs.  Informed by Relational and Attachment therapy, my services focus on broadening emotional capacities, expanding psychological awareness, and applying strategic thinking to problems at hand. With this focus relationships soon balance and brighten. 

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The Patient Promise


Effective therapy work requires a good fit. A “Greet and Meet” allows people to judge their comfort with my services; and I assess whether their situation falls within my area of expertise. If the client decides it’s a good fit, we proceed as a team dedicated to problem solving, healing and growth. .

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Therapy and more ...

Look for rainbows –they auger hope during the storm


Sooner or later tangled complexities befall us all. Childhood traumas, relational conflict, anger in the family, addictive & compulsive behaviors, personal anxiety / depression; describe some of the conditions that can be addressed within my clinical setting. 

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Training and public speaking delivered with warmth, pragmatic content & humor


  • Anger in the Famiily: from cool cucumbers to hot tamales
  • The Perfect Storm: tweeners, social media and homework
  • From Parenting Deeds to Dog Breeds: your parenting style makes a difference
  • Trauma Informed Schools and Classrooms


Book Release


Are you lost in a wilderness of parenting confusion? Do you keep having the same arguments with your kids about what should be the most basic things? If co-parenting, are you suspicious that your partner is intentionally trying to drive you insane with their ridiculous  parenting decisions? Well, then you need  this book. It takes you on a 3 stage journey provisioned with a map, 4 companion dogs, and backpack full of parenting tips. With good cheer and stories of other who have made such a crossing, you’ll soon be well on the way to the happiness once imagined of family life. 

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